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Water Based Inkjet Media

Our Water Based Range has all the products you expect to find

With comprehensive photo fabric materials, the best sellers for film types of media in the European market are selected; these are compatible with Water based ink (Dye, Pigment and UV ink) of its printer manufacturer, such as HP, Epson, Encad, Cannon, Roland etc.

100% polyester woven fabric with a "universal" surface coating.
  • Support heavy ink coverage with dye, pigment and UV ink.
  • Due to the characteristic softness and lightness of fabric, indoor application is easy and quick.
100 % polyester knitted fabric with special inkjet coating on a release film linear.
  • Brilliant ink penetration to back side
  • Weather proof
  • Eco-friendly by reducing paper waste from liners
  • Suitable for HP UV & pigment based inks
100 % polyester woven fabric with fine coating, for inkjet printing on a release liner.
  • An excellent printing results with Water based inks (Dye, Pigment and UV ink)
  • Also doable with Eco-solvent and Mildsolvent.
100% polyester fabric for single side inkjet printing.
  • Water proof Matte Surface
  • Woven with black and white yarns for 60~70% block-out effect on the back
  • High Definition and exceptional printed Resolution
  • Light, Soft, Durable Fabric
  • Curl resistant, Tear proofed, Free of Frays
  • Suitable for dye/pigmented inks
100% Cotton yarn, perfect match for fine art reproduction and photographic portraiture.
  • Fine coating for high resolution finish
  • Pliable enough to withstand stretching without sagging
  • Retains canvas texture to give true artistic look to finished products
A translucent, front-print Backlit film.
  • Matte surface
  • Directly printable onto the surface
  • Vivid colour and intense illumination effects delivered
  • Suitable for Dye, Pigmented, UV inks
  • Compatible with any type of light boxes, indoor and outdoor
A light weight PP block-out synthetic paper with a grey back.
  • Matte Surface
  • Provides perfect light block-out effect
  • Vivid & sharp finish for your prints
  • Suitable for economic roll up banner display
  • Compatible with Water Based inks
Self-adhesive white Synthetic papers, that perfectly absorbs Water based inks (Dye, Pigment and UV ink).
  • Only short ink drying time needed
  • Vivid colour
  • Excellent colour effect with Backlighting by light dispersion
  • Water-resistance
  • The adhesion is a permanent type for a short or mid term size applications, last for about 1 ~ 2 years
  • Applicable even on corrugated surfaces
The product for mapping, sign & design, transparent images or overlay templates.
  • Glossy surface
  • Swellable coating
  • Suitable for Dye, Pigment inks
  • Vivid colour & quick inkjet drying and great ink absorption
  • Compatible with any Thermal & Piezo head printers