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A4 / A3 Sheet

Compared to Cotton canvas or Silk fabric sheets
  • Thinner but stiffer
  • Much lower chances of paper jams and printer head damage
  • Better printing quality at a competitive price
  • Clean cut-No loose thread
  • Printable like inkjet paper with a canvas-like looks
  • Wide compatibility with most inkjet printers
  • No curling
  • Long-lasting displays
  • Suitable for LED Backlit and Retail Store Advertise and display
Backlit Film
BOGO’s backlit films are compatible with all brands of Aqueous Inkjet Printers. Ideal for LED Light pockets, illuminated Window display & estate agents sales display

✓ Exceptional results with any LED display systems
✓ Superb image clarity
✓ Simple to use
✓ NO curl/shrinkage in lighting system
✓ Tear-proof, can be hole-punched

  • WBG9MJ - 9mil backlit film, Dye & Pigment, UV-C and Latex, 220um    Best seller
  • WBL5MG (Matte/Glossy) - 5mil backlit film, Dye & Pigment and UV-C 125um    Best seller
  • WBL5BSM (Both side matte) - 5mil backlit film, Dye & Pigment and UV-C 125um
Heavy Photo Fabric
  • W600 - Universal heavy Photo Fabric, 183 gsm
  • W600KFR - Fire retardant & Clean cut heavy Photo Fabric, 235 gsm    Best seller
  • W900 - Synthetic heavy Photo Canvas, 248 gsm    Best seller
  • WDSF - Double side printable stoplight Photo Fabric, 380 gsm
Light (thin) Photo Fabric
  • W150 - Universal light Photo Fabric, 110 gsm
  • W150KFR - Fire retardant & Clean cut light Photo Fabric, 145 gsm
  • WRA - Repositionable self adhesive Photo Fabric Best seller    Best seller

  • Packaging: By bulk packaging type
  • A4 and A3 sheet are regular sizes

    ✓ MOQ applies
    ✓ Customized sheet size will be available to A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm)
    ✓ Sheet or Roll type is available in UK warehouse.