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Photo Fabric Wall Map

Stunning Wall Map Printed on Durable Photo Canvas
The Wall Maps are printed on the following photo fabrics :
  • W600 - Durable photo fabric, 183 g/㎡
  • W600KFR - Clean cut and premium photo fabric - Fire Retardant, 235 g/㎡
Ideal for
  • An office environment
  • Teaching and business sector
  • A gift for children
Large World Political
  • Size : 1080 x 810 mm
  • Political colouring with accurate digital hill shading created from over 80 million spot heights
  • Includes flags and country information
  • The most up to date and accurate maps available
Europe Map
  • Size : 1080 x 810 mm
  • The latest and most accurate digital hill and sea shading
  • With European National Flags, Population information and useful web addresses
  • Incorporating a separate language map and map containing European Union members, with currencies
British Isles Political
  • Size : 810 x 970 mm
  • Political colouring along with detailed distance chart
  • Ireland in it's correct position and to scale
  • No curling (Completely flat)
  • No reflection under the light
  • The beautiful coloration by digital printing
  • Tear Free
  • Fire retardant (Optional)
  • Water resistant